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Always choosing basic black, boring beige, and neutral grays off the rack because you aren’t sure what colors look good on you?  Then, you are definitely in need of a personalized color analysis!  This is my passion and favorite service to do for new clients.  During a color analysis session, you will learn all about color and how to determine which hues look the most flattering against your individual skin tone, hair and eye colors.  I will assemble a fully-customized color fan containing 17 different sticks of fabric swatches for you to take home and use to eliminate all of the guess work when you go shopping and while de-cluttering your closet.  You’ll learn what each fabric color stick represents as well as the psychological effects of wearing each one.  The best part is that your selected colors are all going to be in harmony with one another and your personal coloring, so you can mix and match them with ease and create a wardrobe of limitless looks!


It is so important to represent our authentic selves on a day-to-day basis.  We’ll use this time together to pinpoint the message you want to convey about yourself to others.  Your unique personal style will be easily defined after we’ve discussed your preferences and how they relate to your lifestyle, profession, goals, and personality.  As a result of this session, we will be able to determine which clothing stores and designers, beauty routines, and seasonal trends are an ideal fit for you.


Do you feel like you have a closet full of clothes and still nothing to wear?  Or maybe you have so many gaps in your wardrobe that you don’t know where to begin buying?  Articles of clothing that have never been worn, bearing the original price tags?  Or 10 pairs of the same khaki pants and absolutely no versatility?  Let me take a look, piece by piece, and suggest which items to keep, alter, repair, or reject.  We can create a list of priorities to shop for in order to assemble a more well-rounded wardrobe.  We’ll keep in mind your lifestyle, body type, personal style and coloring while taking a critical, but light-hearted look at your greatest purchases and biggest regrets. 


Schedule a personal shopping trip (or two!) to start filling in those pieces that your closet desperately calls out for.  We’ll establish a budget that you’re comfortable with before we hit the stores and I’ll be happy to do some preliminary shopping in order to find the best sales and stores to fit your style, figure, and wallet.  I am also available to do special occasion and seasonal shopping trips.  Let me know what you need and we’ll shop ‘til we drop!


It’s possible that you already have a closet that’s practically perfect in every way, or that we’ve completed our journey together and you are ready to flaunt your new wardrobe to the world!  This time calls for a style session, during which I’ll give you a fresh perspective on how you can pull various pieces together to create complete head-to-toe looks.  We’ll build a handy reference library of recorded outfits, so you never feel at a loss for what to wear.  This is also a great service to try when you just want to mix up some of your old favorites to give them new life and style. 

I offer various packages and discounts, including a fantastic referral program.  Please contact me for pricing and availability or to schedule a complimentary phone consultation. 

Please note that HER Style is currently accepting clients in Southern New Jersey or within the Greater Philadelphia Area only.